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Enjoying some new knowledge.

A couple of weeks ago I started a project to move away from WordPress and Microsoft Word as the foundations of our website and documentation.  This has led me to some late nights and...


Multi-column Filter Excel Function

So today I needed to filter a fairly giant csv file down to only the rows that contained certain values in either one or the other column. I wanted only the rows where “PL”...


WordPress Event Calendar Modifications

Doing some work on the new Thunderhead WordPress based site today, and decided to use the ‘Events Calendar‘ plugin to manage all of the upcoming events that we are either interested in promoting or...


Immersed Boundary Method Demos

So I am kind of interested in what this new feature has to offer… This is a short demo video of the new immersed boundary method (IBM) that is being developed in FDS_6.  The...


FDS Demo of a moving box in a tunnel.

This is a demo using the new Immersed Boundary Method (IBM) of the upcoming version of FDS_6.  The input file can be found on the FDS-SMV Discussion Group. Message and Input File posted...