Sep 132010

So today I needed to filter a fairly giant csv file down to only the rows that contained certain values in either one or the other column.

I wanted only the rows where “PL” was in the country column, OR the email address column had a value that ended with “.pl”.

So I made this little function in the last cell of each row :


Then I filtered the new column that contained either TRUE or FALSE, by all the rows that were TRUE.

And there you have it, a quick way to filter multiple columns by different logical operators with an OR Boolean operator.

Of course this could easily be extended to make some very complex logical comparisons, but I will leave that up to you dear reader.

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Aug 172010

Doing some work on the new Thunderhead WordPress based site today, and decided to use the ‘Events Calendar‘ plugin to manage all of the upcoming events that we are either interested in promoting or will be going to.

Anyway… I was using the sidebar widget that lists the events in a unordered list and found that the styles in the plugin and the way the list is built made the list look very different from the rest of my theme. The main culprit being the part where the list is built in the ec_calendar.class.php file of the plugin.
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Aug 062010

Randy McDermott created a Google Moderator series with an ‘Ideas’ topic to collect feedback of suggested areas of future development for FDS and votes on these ideas from the FDS-SMV user community.

This is a great way to collect suggestions and to get a feeling for how these suggestions rate among users.

Randy later asked me how to get data from moderator for post processing.  Unfortunately, there is not a straightforward way to do that directly through the moderator admin interface.  But fortunately, there is a Moderator API that can be used to extract information from Moderator in JSON format.  Yea! :)

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Aug 042010

So I am kind of interested in what this new feature has to offer…

This is a short demo video of the new immersed boundary method (IBM) that is being developed in FDS_6.  The video shows a texture mapped ‘baseball’ sphere accelerating through air with a slight drop and a fixed rotation.  This new method allows non-rectilinear geometry elements (&GEOM) to move through the computational domain.  More information on IBM can be found here:

Here is the Input File to recreate this case yourself in FDS.  You will need the file linked below and place it in ‘FDS5\bin\textures’ for the texture to map onto the sphere.

Image File Link: Free Baseball Texture Map (1266)

&HEAD CHID='fastball', TITLE='simple test of immersed boundary method' /
&MESH IJK=128,32,32, XB=0,1,-.125,.125,-.125,.125/
&TIME T_END=0.04/
&DUMP DT_PL3D=1.E10/
&SURF ID='Inlet 1',VEL=-20, TAU_V=0.01, COLOR='INVISIBLE'/ 90 mph ~ 40 m/s
&VENT XB=0,0,-.125,.125,-.125,.125,  SURF_ID='Inlet 1'/
&GEOM ID='baseball'
 OMEGA=125./ rotation rate is 20 rev/sec * 2pi rad/rev



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Aug 042010

This is a demo using the new Immersed Boundary Method (IBM) of the upcoming version of FDS_6.  The input file can be found on the FDS-SMV Discussion Group.
Message and Input File posted by Randy McDermott.

The video shows a ‘BOX’ moving through the domain, using the &GEOM namelist group feature.
The video is in two parts, the first part is looking at only velocities between 19.9 and 20.1 m/s, showing where the Box is.  The second part of the video is showing the full velocity slice without any bounds applied.

This is a fantastic addition to the features of FDS and I am looking forward to its full implementation.

File Link: Moving Box


Aug 022010

I was looking to send out reminders to our customers about renewals and feature updates, when I realized there is not a ‘Mail Merge’ feature in Apple Mail (lame). So, after a quick Google search, I found this excellent post from Gianugo Rabellino.

Down a bit in the comments I found a slight modification to the script by Graham Kirby that added a couple of nice features.
It was not a simple copy and paste from the comment text, so I fixed it and it works well now for me too.

I am attaching a zip file to this post that contains the Apple Script and two files one for the name/email list and the other as a sample message text file.

Apple Mail Merge Script Zip (1689)

Hope this helps another Apple Mail user someday.

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